How to Remove Paint from Concrete: Step By Step Guide

Concrete floors are one of the most inexpensive and low-maintenance flooring options. When you’re painting exterior areas of your home, spilt paint on concrete can be a bit of an eyesore. Now that the color is all dry.

You may think that removing paint off concrete is impossible and you have every reason to believe that. Of course, removing paint from concrete is not an easy task. Most of the time, it depends on what kind of paint you’re dealing with and the size of the area you’re dealing with.

Don’t worry, because, in this article, we are offering you the ways to remove paint from your concrete floors and surfaces. The steps are super simple and easy to operate all by yourself. 

For example, paint strippers can be used on all paints, even water-resistant ones. A variety of stripping agents can be found on amazon.

It loosens the harsh, dry paint to an extent. You can then use a thick plastic scraper and strip off the gel and the color from the concrete surface.

Like this, there are many more ways we are going to describe in this article. Let’s get started.

Removing Paint from Concrete

how to remove paint from concrete

There can be many reasons behind you have paint on your concrete. It could be an accident, or you may have put it temporarily. The important fact is, you have to remove it now.

Don’t worry. It is way more complicated than it sounds. But the steps we are going to provide you, following them, the task can be much more comfortable.

Without any further a due, let’s get started;

An orbital sander could work great if you would like not to use additives. The sander is two-way removal of the paint. It removes any loose paint from movement. 

The actual sandpaper or attachment themselves can remove the paint on the concrete surface. Make sure that you have the right safety devices like cups, a breathing mask and a handkerchief! If left in the same position excessively long, it could go a circular pattern on a surface. 

Keep the sander in motion and pay attention to your pressure.

Also for removing paint from a cement surface, a pressure washer is handy. Make sure the surface is prepared with the right agents before using a press washer unit. 

It works very well on nearly every type of paint, except for some vital colours such as epoxy. Nevertheless, only outdoor surfaces are handled by this approach.

  • Use  Soda Blasting

Soda blasting would also be an excellent way to extract concrete paints. A soda blaster is required, and the right kind of industrial equipment is also essential because regular sandblaster with sodium bicarbonate does not collaborate. 

To complete a particular manner, keep the blaster to the ground and move it onto the painted area. Baking Soda Blasting quickly takes away paint from a range of metals, alloys, plastic, wood, macerated products and compounds without surface damage or distortion from paint, grease, oils and gasket material.

  • Use Paint Stripper

Apply an oil paint stripper for oil paint. Apply water or plant-based stripper for latex acrylic paint. Unless you do not know what kind of concrete paint is used, opt for the maximum effectiveness for the oil-funded stripper. 

Soy-based strippers are healthy, toxic and user-friendly. They are in the form of a gel. Put the gel on the stain and let it sit for some time. 

It usually takes several hours to work correctly. You can start to see the bubble of paint from the concrete’s surface.

You can produce a much better result with a floor grinder, far quicker. It is also predicted that you will get a more desirable outcome in improved adhesion to every new coating. 

The floor grinders with diamond wheels can be used to extract paint stains from concrete. It can only be used when a cement top is planned. When the old paint is carried away efficiently, you must clean up any dust so that you conform preferably and obtain a clean, desirable outcome. 

Grinder often leaves behind scrapes on the concrete. So keep in check for that.

Some important FAQs

Check out these questions and answers if you have any confusion about the above discussion. We hope this will help you.

  • Can you get paint off concrete without chemicals?

To the paint, spill adds a dense paint coat thinner paste. Sit for a couple of hours. Remove the paste thoroughly. To clean the surface of the concrete, use a scrub brush and a paint scraper.

  • Does vinegar remove paint from metal?

Vinegar is an effective but inexpensive and environmentally friendly way of extracting paints trapped and dried/hard from surfaces like metal windows or concrete walls without releasing harmful fumes or substances. Lemon juice, Vinegar and cola are also used to remove rust from different light surfaces such as driveways.

  • Will acetone remove paint from concrete?

Most of the paint could be scraped off with a paint scraper with a sharp carbide blade, and a paint stripper or acetone washed off. There was a mistake. In heavy solvents such as lacquer thinner and acetone, Latex paint is much more soluble than oil-based paint.

  • Can Coca Cola remove oil stains from concrete?

It can tarnish your look when the oil drips from your car to or from your garage floor. But it is straightforward with some coke to get rid of the stains and placed a few coke cans on the colour. The coke has acid, which loosens the colours so you can wash them quickly.

  • How do you get paint smell out of concrete?

Clean your hands with baby oil to eliminate the thinner scent of paint. If you don’t have olive oil in your home, baby oil is a decent substitute. These two products strip from your digits the remaining thinner paint and stank. Dry and dump it in the garbage with a towel of paper.


In this article, we have arranged a list of 5 individual steps. These steps are easy to operate. The primary purpose is to reduce your cost and workflow.

More than one method can be used for successful results on the same concrete stain. You should cover yourself with the proper protective gear such as shades, air mask and gloves when carrying out the removal of paint.

But as we always recommend, do not hesitate to call in an expert if you feel so.

I hope this article will help you. Good Luck!!