Hanging Pictures on Concrete: Everything you should know

hanging pictures on concrete

Pictures play a vital role in our daily living. It holds our memory from the best to the worst, from the happiest to the saddest. There would be a few who would not want to have a wall of memory. But most of the time we give up that though just because we don’t have the exact idea of hanging a picture.

If you have a concrete wall, you will find it more challenging to hang a picture. But it is not impossible. There are more than many ways to hang pictures on concrete. For example, you can just stick it with adhesive.

This article will talk about some popular methods you can use to hang your favourite pictures on concrete. We ensure you these steps are going to be comfortable and straightforward. 

Let’s get started;

Considerations And Tools You Need Before Hanging Pictures


It is best to ensure that before you start, you have everything you need. Hang images always at the level of the eye. Don’t leave any room between a sofa and a picture when hanging a view over a couch. Test 3-6 centimeters. If you go up, the viewer’s eye goes only to the wall, not the frame.

The weight, the size and the form of your picture must be taken into account, including your walls’ material. You may use a simple nail or screw to hang the frame if you have a stuffed wall, as long as the pin is inserted or securely screwed in a bowl. Do not hang pictures on the neighboring wall, especially when tall lights or plants fracture the wall.

Possible Tools You May Need

These are the possible tools you may need if you plan to hang your pictures by drilling in the concrete

Most Popular Methods To Hang Pictures On Concrete Wall 

Command strips 

 For hooks, you can use something like these. It uses adhesive. You can hang pictures more extensive than 22 inches with the command strips and hang my (very large) on the 3M command hooks every day. These are available at Target, Walmart and most similar retail outlets.

These come off the walls quickly when you move instead of leaving behind a bunch of large holes.


They leave the walls clean, which will help you get any security deposit back. It sounds like these will be convenient in your case too. The hooks come in a variety of colours, including white, clear and brushed nickel.

With Screws

We suggest that you use screws and pins if you have much quieter photos, but you want to hang on concrete walls. Screw your screw on the anchor using your screwdriver or your screws bit, so you have a surface to hang your picture on and keep it a bit out of the wall.

Place the bracket between the anchor and the screw when a frame is pended and then drill the screw.


Hardwall Hangers

For things weighing up to 25 lbs, hardwall hangers are used (11 kg)—Mark where the hanger should be positioned on the wall. If you have a wire hanger on the back of the product you are hanging, consider the slack as you determine where you would like it to sleep.


Test this by tightening the centre of the wire to the object’s top. Measure the wire from the bottom of the piece. Tap the hanger with one hand and halfway through the hammer on all four pins. Check the hook in the correct place and release your grip on the hanger—end by flushing the pins to the crochet.,

Adhesive Hooks

At the beginning of the article, we discussed those hooks as an example. These hooks have adhesive backrests attached to walls, so there is no need for a hole inserted in the wall. First, weigh the object so you can select a hook to serve the item correctly.

Sticky crochets come in different sizes and can tell how many pounds they carry. The highest of these hooks is 8 pounds (3.6 kg), and the smallest is just 0.45 kg.


Rub the wall for a firmer grip with rubbing alcohol. To scrub the area of all waste, use clean rag or paper towel and rubbing some alcohol. If you have a hanger on the back of the piece, consider the slack’s duration. Test this by tightening the centre of the wire to the object’s top. Measure the wire from the bottom of the piece.

Some sticky hooks are already stuck to the back with the adhesive. Save this step and proceed to the next one if the adhesive hook is the case. Enable 30-60 minutes for the glue to dry. Hang your things from the hook until the adhesive has dried (s).

Some Important FAQs

Go through the question and answer part to understand the discussion in depth.

  • What is the best thing to use to hang pictures?

Scrubber usually has more retaining strength than nails, so that big heavy images are better for hanging. They are using hollow-wall anchor like a trigger, a molly bolt or a spiral anchor while hanging a photo between stubble.

  • How much weight can Command picture hanging strips hold?

The wide strips can accommodate an item weighing up to 16 pounds between 24 and 36 inches. Just 4 pounds can be handled with the smaller hanging strips.

  • Can I hang a heavy mirror with Command Strips?

The wall can be placed conveniently on boards, mirrors and pictures with 3M command strips. Articles can be collected and transferred without residue or wall surface damage. We don’t suggest using soft wallpapers with 3M Command strips.

  • Do Command strips ruin walls?
  • Hanging strips are locked in and firmly connected to the wall. Best of all, they come off cleanly – no nail hole, broken plaster, or sticky residue once you are about to take photos or pass them around. Strips are hanging will not har your wall.


Concrete walls are one of the most rigid surfaces you may want to hang a picture. It will be tough to do that, but not impossible as we have mentioned.  Using proper tools and a bit of intelligence can help you decorate your walls with your best memories.

We hope the article has helped you understand what you need to do and enjoyed the discussion, and if you have anything more to add, let us know in the comment section.

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